Another Episode: 胸の奥の忘れ物

Another Episode 5 – 胸の奥の忘れ物

A VN adaptation of a short story published prior to KimiNozo’s original release, taking place alongside the events of First Chapter.

Included as a part of 〜special FanDisk〜’s Another Episode Collection.
As usual, a rough, unedited draft translation.

2 thoughts on “Another Episode: 胸の奥の忘れ物

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  2. So, for those of us who’ve only seen the anime, this is as much as we’ve ever known about Manami. If anything, her deliberate exclusion from the anime (I think her only spoken line is when she gives Haruka flowers on her dismissal from the hospital?) is something that’s lampshaded *twice* in the post-credits AyuMayu bits. Of course, lots of people who are aware of the buzz and the tropes around Kiminozo know that Manami’s route is infamous, and why, but… ending spoilers.

    Given that, it’s interesting that this gives us a sense of Manami’s budding creepiness. She nearly takes advantage of a sleeping Takayuki, and even though her better side talks her out of it, she comes awfully close.

    One thing I didn’t get from this episode is just why she’s packing up and leaving school after just a single year. I assume that’s made clear along the way in Kiminozo itself?


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