Another Episode: 大空寺降臨!!

Another Episode 7 – 大空寺降臨!!

A short story taking place prior to the events of Second Chapter. (Minor spoiler warning.)

Included as a part of 〜special FanDisk〜’s Another Episode Collection.
As usual, a rough, unedited draft translation.

3 thoughts on “Another Episode: 大空寺降臨!!

  1. Ha, that’s great. This answers one of my questions a while back on, namely how the obviously rich Ayu could come to be waiting tables at Sky Temple. At the beginning of the video, she’s so demure to her father, I wondered if that was the real Ayu, and that Sky Temple ruined her. But then of course the truth comes out.

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  3. These side-stories are much fun. Can’t wait for more and of course the ‘real’ thing. I’m so excited, I will play it all in one session. Probably… if it wasn’t that big.
    Thanks for all your hard work!


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