Another Episode: がんばろう

Another Episode 8 –  がんばろう

A short story taking place prior to the events of Second Chapter.

Included as a part of 〜special FanDisk〜’s Another Episode Collection.
As usual, a rough, unedited draft translation.
TL Note: Adapted a reference to a really old Japanese talent-based TV show to be more general. If something sounds a little off, it’s probably that.

One thought on “Another Episode: がんばろう

  1. Thanks, as always, for these.

    Question: when Hoshino is teasing Hotaru about her size, does she know about Hotaru’s condition? Come to think of it, is Hotaru’s short height actually caused by a chronic condition here… I think that was alluded to in the anime, but maybe I saw it in a blog or wiki somewhere.


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